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A Sanctuary of Hope and Peace
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Welcome to Deliverance Tabernacle

                  Blood Line

Youth Ministry
High School

  2018 STUDIES

   You may think that "salvation" is a basic, simple, subject.  In many ways it is, but this teaching is an indepth study that takes you deep into the principles of salvation.

Man a Living Soul    (Through May)
   The study of body, soul, and spirit is an important part of foundational studies. Dr. Gail Bailey disects the tripartition of man to show the functions of each aspect of man's composite being and how they functioned before the fall, then, after the fall. The study continues to show how the Holy Spirit works to restore the damage of the fall of man and make him whole.

Holy Spirit         (Study will begin the first Wednesday in June)                                                                                                                                                          
What an awesome study!
​Learn to develop an intimate relationship with Holy Spirit and access the giftings and Administrative Offices. 15 powerful lessons teach the following:
  • Filled with the Spirit
  • Spiritual Giftings
  • Administrative Officers
  • Faith
  • Kingdom Authority
  • Spiritual Armor

Son Seekers
Children's Ministry

Sunday 12:00    
Wednesday Bible Club 6:00 pm

Middle School Ministry Wednesday night at 6:00 pm.  
Middle School years are a challenging time for young people.  It is easy for them to get displaced and lose their way in the Lord.  The pressures of trying to "fit in" and figure out where God fits into the big scheme of things can be overwhelming. Strong spiritual leadership and direction, makes a big difference at this stage of life development.  
The focus of Middle School Ministry is to determine the emerging gifts, talents and calling of our youth, and get them connected into the church. We offer several intern programs in music, administration, ushering, finance, food bank and evangelism to mentor them.  In addition, they have the opportunity to be in an environment where other youth are working through the same issues.  This gives them the opportunity to lend and receive support and encouragement.

                         Bible Study
                      Dr. Gail Bailey
                       Wednesday 6:00 p.m. 

Come and enjoy the powerful anointing and teaching as Dr. Gail Bailey expounds the Word of God, Let God touch you through her more than 35 year of ministry experience and study in the Word.

"That the man of God may be complete, 
thoroughly equipped for every good work."
II Timothy 3:17
Preparing teens for the next step--adulthood.
Learning to Serve

Tweens help feed the homeless during our Evangelism efforts.
               Cheri Patterson Director                                  Lauren Nunez                                           Victoria Barros                                              Jolena Casias


Ministry for infants through 
10 years of age

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6:00 PM

Classes for all ages

April 28, 2018 at 11:00 AM

2325 S Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80219

May 9, 2018
Pastors Rick & Yvonne Armijo
Family Life Christian Education Ministry 
is dedicated to offering Christian education for your family.  Our team of teachers are trained to provide an amazing experience in the classroom for all ages from cradle roll to Adult.

SONseekers Children's Ministry is directed by Deacon Cheri Patterson. This ministry teaches children through the age of ten. This includes nursery, toddler, preschool, primary, and junior. On Wednesday night at 6:00 PM they offer Bible Clubs that encourage the children to learn about the Lord and accept Him into their heart. 

The Mighty Middles is our Middle School Youth Group taught by Elder Jessie Patterson.

Bloodline Youth Group is taught by Deacon Art Vigil and Prophetess Moe Vigil. 

The Adult Bible Study is taught by our senior pastor, Dr. Gail Bailey.

For more information on any of these ministries, click on the appropriate button above.
Children have an innate attraction to the anointing. Their pure heart draws them to His presence. When young children are given the opportunity to respond to Him, they do amazing things. The SONseeker's classrooms teach about God's love, How He created the family, and How He cares for us. As these young minds graduate to new levels of understanding they learn about the plan of redemption-salvation, baptism, communion and are introduced to the concept of the Holy Spirit.

We see their love for God play out in the sanctuary as toddlers wave flags in praise, sing, and pray at the altar.-- all by themselves. They want to be a part, and we want them to be comfortable approaching God. 

We believe in training them in the ways of the Lord while they are young. When they are older, they will not depart from His ways. If you raise your children in church, from birth, you will give them a strong foundation in God's Word.
Deacon Art Vigil
Prophetess Moe Vigil

Church Service  
May Guest Speaker

JUNE 2018


Watch the bulletin board for more information
Elder Jessie Patterson,
Mighty Middles Teacher