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  • Baptism of Fire

    Book 3 in the Dynamics of Christian Growth Series is packed with 16 lessons: Baptism of Fire, Fruits of Fire, Zechariah's Vision, Fasting, Prayer, Intercession, Call of God, Personal Evangelism, & Laying on of Hands. Book & Workbook Combo in one.

  • Christianity 101

    Six dynamic lessons and exercises prepare the believer for baptism and begin to establish them in the faith. *Basics of Salvation *A Relationship with the Lord * Establishing Christ in Your Home *The Christian Journey *Communion and Foot Washing *Baptism. Bulk pricing is available for classes. Contact Dr. Gail Bailey at 303-455-5130

  • Curse Breaker

    Did you ever feel as though the harder you try, the more trials and tribulations you experience? Cursing comes from many sources. You may be a victim. Learn to overcome: Generational curses Ancestral curses Curses resulting from sin Witchcraft and Sorcery Follow the story of the Demoniac of Gadara, as you learn powerful Biblical principles of how to break their spiritual hold on your life.

  • Halloween, Holiday of Hell

    The origins of Halloween traditions are steeped in witchcraft and Satanism. After reading this study you will understand why Halloween is not a Christian observance. It is a dark sinister holy day of witches and those seeking to tap into the dark powers of Satan. Observances of Halloween around the world are designed to attach evil spirits to unsuspecting people, especially vulnerable children. This study issues a challenge to keep your worship and holiday festivities pure.

  • Holy Spirit

    HOLY SPIRIT is book two in the series, Dynamics of Christian Growth. It is designed to transition the believer from a babe in Christ into a spiritual warrior who understand the spiritual gifting and how to boldly exercise kingdom authority. Includes the subjects:Filled with the Spirit; Spiritual Gifting; Administrative Officers; Faith; Kingdom Authority; and Spiritual Armor. Book & Workbook Combo

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