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A Sanctuary of Hope and Peace
This page was last updated: May 30, 2018
Dr. Gail Bailey, 
Senior Pastor

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Outreach Ministry

The Church Body serves as the arms and legs of Christ's continuing ministry on earth. We are commanded to reach out to those who are lost, suffering, bound, and hurting.

Through these ministries you can fulfill your call to serve and minister to others. Ministers David and Peggy Sanchez invites you to participate and volunteer to serve in these powerful ministries. 

Volunteers to the ministry will receive training.
Just come and enjoy the 
Fellowship or New Believer's classes.
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Committed to hosting quality Christian Books. You can buy with confidence when you see BaiLily
  The Drama Cycle             Vessel of Honor                Halloween              Kinsman Redeemer      
Scripture Key Bible Studies
Dynamics of Christian Growth Series
Biblical Principles of
Good and Evil
Due to be released in 2019
Due to be released 
Pastors Rick & Yvonne Armijo
Family Life Pastors
Logos to Rhema         Curse Breaker
Wisdom Keys
Sermon Series by Dr. Gail Bailey 
Elder Paul Aragon, Director
Last two weeks of the month on Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Pastoral Care Team
Dr. Gail Bailey and the Senior Ministry Team of Deliverance Tabernacle provides care to the congregation and home bound visitation and support.

​Ministry of Hospitality
Elder Paul Aragon, Director
Ushers, Greeters, Parking Lot Attendants, altar and offering ushers

Ministry of the Altar
Elder Ida DeHerrera
Altar Ministry and Deliverance Team Ministry

​Armorbearer Team
Provides support to the pastors.

Broken Lambs Benevolence Ministry
Pastor Yvonne Armijo

Gilliam Youth Facility and Jail Ministries
Pastor Charles Aragon

Dr. Gail Bailey and the Ministry Team of 
Deliverance Tabernacle welcomes you!

​Deliverance Tabernacle is a Spirit-filled church that is on fire with God's love and power. Our Ministry Team is excited to serve the community and be a blessing to you. 

Dr. Gail Bailey provides strong leadership and training that promotes spiritual growth and development. 

Our church has three branches of ministry to serve you:
Family Life Christian Education Ministry, Outreach Ministries, and Pastoral Care Teams work together to provide a power-packed ministry experience in every service.
Senior Ministry Team

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Let us pray for you!
Dr. Gail Bailey, Senior Pastor 
provides leadership and oversight to the Pastoral Care Ministries
Ministers David & Peggy Sanchez
Family Life
Christian Education Ministry

Jesus told His followers to make disciples in all nations. Deliverance Tabernacle believes that training from cradle roll 
through Senior years is essential for the success of both the individual and the church.

We provide Bible Clubs, Youth Groups and classes for every age group on Wednesday night at 6:00 pm. 
Sunday morning is also filled with learning opportunities for the SONseekers Children's Ministry 
(through 10 years old) and nursery. 
As Announced: New Believer's Classes for Baptism

You are invited to bring your children and enjoy the teaching and activities of Family Life.

Pastoral Care Ministry

Pastoral Care is the heart of the church. We want to make sure you are cared for, from the moment you step out of your car and come into the church. 

Our pastoral care teams are here to prayer for you and support you in every situation you face in life. Jesus said, "If a man has a hundred sheep,and one of them goes astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine and to to the mountains to seek the one that is straying? And if he should find it, assuredly, I say to you, he rejoices more over that sheep than over the ninety-nine that did not go astray" )Matthew 18:12-13) 

When you face family and life crisis you need a brother or sister to lift you up and pray for you. That is the goal of this team.

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